DCS cabinets

TAQA can provide the system solution in switchgear construction for your process control technology requirements. If you are using e.g. PCS 7 for control and are looking for system cabinets to extend a standard DCS solution, TAQA will provide you with a modular, flexible system concept.

We can manufacture the following modular cabinet types for you:

  • Client and server cabinets with KVM solutions
  • PLC cabinets for the control unit
  • Network cabinets
  • Central I/O cabinets
  • Decentralised I/O cabinets in the field
  • Local control panels (LCPs)

In accordance with the allocation of fail-safe assemblies or Ex barriers, we develop your control cabinet either on the basis of I/O lists and the specification or according to fully prepared circuit diagrams that are supplied to us.

According to your documentation system, we then generate your end customer specification for the electrotechnology.

Advice and system configuration

In order to adhere to the strict manufacturer standards for process control technology systems, we work with you to develop appropriate network concepts, availability analyses and heat management for the process control technology assemblies. We also take into consideration the necessary earthing and lightning protection provisions for process control technology systems.

System integration

Larger system acceptance processes can also be carried out with you at our premises. If required, the control cabinets can be connected with our medium- and low-voltage switchgears and delivered after testing in an integration test. This guarantees fast commissioning for your process plant.